Do what you love.

Sounds like good words.

I thought so a few times, and did what I wanted to do.

The results told me I never can say do whatever you love.

For now at least, I never tried hard to keep any my love for all.

Even if I tried to keep anything to love, everything broke in various way.

I can't hold my love for good, for I couldn't stand believing.

Believing anything I see in direct, which is the hardest problem.

I can't understand what is believing.

What is belief, believing?

always I see, say, everything gonna be coexisting with antinomy.

Everything you look beautiful with ugly, loving anything is not so easy.

Living easily is less easier than living without thought.

Just believing anything, there must be needed to get effort for oneself.

I mean, everything to love, believe, should require to get effort.

This means "stand all injuries, even if you have to die."

You'll never die in standing injuries which arose from your love & belief.

That's I can't get in this life, forever.

and 99% of people are never able to stand the injuries.

Injuries consists in psychological, physical injury.

People who don't have reason will never be able to stand their love & belief.

That is it. It's now me.

Never say never to hold & any standing injuries. 

I'm already tired to stand and hold and love and believe anything they were all I loved, lost by myself, but don't hope to be any fucking guy.

Even if I'm so fucking dull man. That is it. It even consists of me, unfortunatelly? or fortunatelly? no, there's no definition. That is all. Everything be as it let be in.