starry on midnight

never happen to know the truth, insanity of the truth, felt to flee from of those insanity.

never wonder to know the truth, insanity of the world actual, flee to freedom.


walkin' on the sky looking on the humid blue sky and cloudy gray and white color, and let's dance to the next town and you and me only can see and feel and fetch the dream. dream of the world, truth, which could lead you and you to both helpfull world in this world and never seen world.

if you can dream, you can do and what you dream could lead us and you to of those real world, which is actually correct and hope.

hope is that we can only rely on and get head upside, everytime believe the true, true world that you are seeing for your life time along.


with those happiness, in other words door to heaven or somewhere could lead you to the world only having a name by your rights.


don't look back and fear the words, that could lead you to profound world that may be darker than black. kindness is like that.

put your hands on what you only can believe it.

none of those who can be helpfull.

rely on a heartfullness, not on back of which will be away....could be a joke